A Hassle-free Cruising Experience with Dream Cruises Onboard App

Our Dream Cruises Onboard app provides a thoughtfully curated range of features to create the quintessential Dream Sailaway experience.

Download our Dream Cruises Onboard app prior to embarkation. Once you are onboard, log into our app and connect to our shipboard network*. Here, you will be able to select from our comprehensive and user-friendly dropdown menu of useful functions and practical information pages, so that guests will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy a truly inspirational journey at sea.

*Usage of Dream Cruises App is free of Wi-Fi charges.

View Daily Timetable

All of our round-the-clock happenings will be at your fingertips. Our Daily Timetable will inform you of when and where our thrilling shows, signature entertainers, thought-provoking enrichment programs, music performances, go live onboard.

Stay Connected

Thinking ahead for your needs. Our app offers a built-in instant messaging function for guests traveling onboard, so you are still able to connect with your travel companions while intrepidly exploring 20 decks of activities on our vessel.

View Ship Information

From deck plans, details of onboard outlets and facilities such as location, opening hours, to menus, you will find the Dream Cruises Onboard App is your trusty personal guidebook to your ship.

Check Billing

Access and monitor a detailed breakdown of onboard purchases charged to your Stateroom in real time.

Subscribe To Wi-Fi

You may purchase and enable our onboard Wi-Fi service plans through a portal on our app, in order to stay wired, snapping and chatting with friends and family through Facebook, WeChat, Instagram and e-mail.

Vote Online

Cast your votes through Dream Cruises Onboard App during our live and theatrical China’s Got Talent show to choose your own winner. Download the app prior the show for an uninterrupted online voting experience.

Dream Cruises Onboard App is now available for
iPhone and Android.

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